Our Story

A Part Time Story

Part Timers was an idea that I came up with in high school when my friends and I all started to acquire part time jobs. We grew up in a decent neighborhood and did not need to be working, however we chose to, in order to support our own various vices. Despite working for our own needs many of us excelled in whatever we did, and were almost always better workers than our adult counterparts. After working for a while, many of us discovered that young part timers were not treated with the respect they deserved despite the efforts and accomplishments put forth in their respective workspaces. I felt that I finally had found the starting piece to the brand I wanted to create. However, I always wanted Part Timers to have a deeper meaning. 

Part Timers represents finding the balance between what one considers work and one considers enjoyment. In life, everyone works in order to make their life more enjoyable, but it doesn't always split up equally. Part Timers is about remembering what we are all working for and to not take it too seriously, because in the end we are just part timers. The best worst people in the world!

I finalized Part Timers when I came to college as a personal project where I could create my own apparel that I enjoyed wearing without having to spend over a hundred dollars. I make all hoodies by hand from start to finish and package and ship everything in house to ensure the highest quality.

Thanks for reading 

Henry Perez 

Part Timers USA